Nathan Halsey CEO Bellatorra

Nathan Halsey is the CEO of Bellatorra Skin Care and resides in Dallas Texas. Nathan W. Halsey was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and he graduated from Mary Carroll High School, Texas in 1994. Halsey attended Texas A&M University, in College Station, Texas, where he studied Business, receiving a Bachelor of Business Arts in Finance in 1998.

Upon graduating from college, Mr. Halsey spent two years in the Executive Management training program with Ericsson, the North America subsidiary of Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson which is a global Telecommunications provider. Upon graduating from Ericsson’s Executive Leadership Program, he accepted a Management Consulting position with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (formerly Ernst & Young LLP). Nathan Halsey was responsible for growing top line sales for the Customer Relations Management (CRM) segment in the Telecommunications and Technology group in the company.

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Nathan Halsey is the CEO of Bellatorra skincare. It was conceived out of Nathan Halsey’s lifelong passion for health and wellness. This inspired Nathan’s unrelenting pursuit of nutritional actives that would support peak performance.

Working in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists in Dallas, Texas, exercise physiologists and chemists, Halsey created a range of performance enhancing nutritional formulations and supplements to power peak physical performance.

What began as a research and development lab for the creation of high performance, highly- effective nutriceuticals and supplements has grown into a range of intensive anti-aging skincare formulations that target the root causes of damaged skin; counteracting the effects of environmental stressors and internal triggers that lead to accelerated skin aging.

Nathan Halsey’s Bellatorra represents a complete system of care for the skin. Nathan’s products have been created with an unwavering commitment to finding the most powerful ingredients, concentrating them at unprecedented levels and combining and releasing them in a cycle that keeps time with skin’s natural rhythms for optimum benefit.

The Bellatorra skincare system targets the primary causes of accelerated aging in the body that are reflected in the skin as uneven tone, loss of firmness, lines, wrinkles and heightened sensitivity with perfectly paired blends of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and plant stem cells delivered sequentially to the deepest layers of the skin.

Nathan Halsey boasts proven efficacy on the raw ingredients used in our formulations and incorporate a balanced selection of active ingredients, from classic elements and innovative, high-tech ingredients and delivery systems for maximum effectiveness.

Purified, active ingredients that mirror the hydrolipidic structure of the skin are concentrated into specialized, bio-compatible nanospheres that target multiple causes of skin aging at their source. We call these Bellaspheres.

Timing is everything and our patent pending delivery system, Torra48, was developed with this in mind.

Skin cycles are dynamic and work on a 24-hour clock. Harmonizing with this cycle is crucial in order to introduce specialized targeted ingredients at the appropriate rate to achieve optimum absorption and sustain delivery of the beneficial actives for maximum results. If introduced too quickly, active ingredients can’t be fully absorbed by receptor cells and skin can become reactive. If introduced too slowly, maximum concentrations of beneficial compounds can’t be achieved.

Day to night, Bellaspheres containing our perfectly paired ingredient complexes, begin their targeted journey to the source of skin aging in a two-phase cycle that syncs with skin’s natural rhythm. From first application and over the course of the first 24 hours, maximum absorption is achieved. Peak potency is then sustained when the cycle is repeated. Sustained release assures the highest concentrations are maintained for optimal skin benefit