secrets behind German politics

My name is Norbert Hammes. I am German, born 29th dec 1953 in Porta Westfalica.

My deceased father Wilhelm Gustav Hammes — 1933 -2004 — got acquainted with international elites around the Bilderberg Organization for being a leading selfmademan in plastics engineering.

He became influential behind the sceneries of German politics.

In fall 1977 he secretly managed the Baader-Meinhof-affair.

A plane was hijacked to Mogadishu to free leftist prisoners in Germany.

All hostages were freed by paramilitary German GSG9.

Afterwards leftist prisoners were murdered in jail according to my fathers plan by GSG9, faking suicides, which is still the accepted version.

My father had accompanied Baader for a still unknown fake exchange on a secret flight to Mogadishu.

He told me about these things while he was drunk in New Year`s Night 1979–80. The rest I got from my mother in 2005.

GSG9 acts like a private mafia, occasionally only working for the government.

They observed me for knowing things, in 1980 they sent a team to Spain -

where I was — to kill me there, but they were whistled back.

They hold access to a NSA- satellite program to spot persons anywhere just by

their aura.

Later my father became the man behind Helmut Kohl, he initiated the German reunification process.

Apart from all that, he told me about the real backgrounds of the resignation of German Chancellor Willy Brandt in the early 70s.

This politician — being too left in the eyes of industrial elites — was citated to

German industrial association BDI in Cologne.

There he was confronted with intimate snapshots and forced to resign.

I apologize for everything my father did.

Rule equality

Norbert Hammes

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