Create TRC10 Token on TRON network with nodejs

Nhan Cao
Nhan Cao
Jan 21 · 2 min read

Create TRC20 Token on TRON network with nodejs

About TRC10:

Create TRON wallet with browser extension


Go to setting, update environment to shasta

Get some TRX for development:

Install tronweb:

npm i tronweb --save


import TronWeb from 'tronweb'export default class TRONTokenClient {
async start(): Promise<any> {
const mainNetProvider = '';
const testNetProvider = '';
const netProvider = testNetProvider;
const HttpProvider = TronWeb.providers.HttpProvider; // Optional provider, can just use a url for the nodes instead
const fullNode = new HttpProvider(`${netProvider}`); // Full node http endpoint
const solidityNode = new HttpProvider(`${netProvider}`); // Solidity node http endpoint
const eventServer = `${netProvider}`; // Contract events http endpoint
const privateKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
const tronWeb = new TronWeb(
const defaultTestAddress = tronWeb.address.fromPrivateKey(privateKey);
await this.createTestTRC10Token(tronWeb, defaultTestAddress, privateKey);
// Verify at:
async signAndSubmitTx(tronWeb, rawTxObject, privateKey) {
const sign = await tronWeb.trx.sign(rawTxObject, privateKey);
const tx = await tronWeb.trx.sendRawTransaction(sign);
// console.log(tx);
return tx;
async createTestTRC10Token(tronWeb, issuerAddress, privateKey) {
try {
let options = {
name: 'EricCaoToken',
abbreviation: 'nhancv',
description: 'Nhan Cao Token for Test',
url: '',
totalSupply: 1000000000,
trxRatio: 1, // How much TRX will tokenRatio cost?
tokenRatio: 1, // How many tokens will trxRatio afford?
saleStart: + 10000, // sale start mus > now
saleEnd: + 31536000000, // 365 days
freeBandwidth: 0, // The creator's "donated" bandwidth for use by token holders
freeBandwidthLimit: 0, // Out of totalFreeBandwidth, the amount each token holder get
frozenAmount: 0,
frozenDuration: 0
const issuerHex = tronWeb.address.toHex(issuerAddress);
const rawTxObj = await tronWeb.transactionBuilder.createToken(options, issuerHex);
const res = await this.signAndSubmitTx(tronWeb, rawTxObj, privateKey);
} catch (e) {

Note: An account can only issue one asset

Nhan Cao

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