If followed, you would be a better leader by example.

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People need powerful words to lead them, to inspire them to keep on going. Words, especially if they come from leaders who have proven themselves to be great ignite and the drive of those aspiring leaders, those who people who dream and work hard to make the world a better place. These words have the power to move people to act and be the better leader they wanted to be. Leadership quotes give hopeful leaders reasons to lead and channel their energy and translate change in the world.

I gathered 10 of the most inspiring leadership quotes that will help…

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Want to release anger without hurting others? Find out how to get it out without it.

Anger is a normal part of our existence. It is one of those unique things that make us humans. And this is perfectly acceptable. What is unacceptable is when we turn our anger to hurt the people we cherish or those we come across in our lives.

It is also not acceptable to vent our hostility on animals and objects just because we are hurt, threatened, or provoked. So, how can we release ourselves from the clutches of destructive anger and turn it into something more constructive? …

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Want to become a great leader?

They say leaders are born and not made. I say leaders are born but they are made to be great. They become great through the years of experiences and their continuous drive to lead people and through their goal of making a better society.

Many books have been written to show how great leaders approach life and leadership in general. These books aim to guide future leaders like you to achieve great success and influence other people as well. Read on and discover some how-to-guides on becoming a great leader.

1. The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson M.D.

What habits hinder you from living a debt-free life?

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Going from a life with lots of debts to living debt-free is an achievement, a milestone that many of us have been dreaming of but finding hard to achieve. Well, it’s never an easy process. But still, it’s doable. It can all start with changing your mindset, spending habits, and behaviors. It also has to do with your financial approach in all life aspects. To give you an idea, learn about these habits to change so that you can prepare for a debt-free life.

Preparing for a Debt-Free Life

Debt-free people have decided on and developed the positive habits and stick with those practices to…

What are the differences between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship? It’s more than just the spelling. Find out here.

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Some people are natural or learned risk-takers while some need surrounding support to execute their ideas. These two sets of people are equally important in a business setting — someone to initiate the change for a socio-economic benefit and someone who sustains that change and makes sure that goals are achieved accordingly. They make up the two terms that commonly used interchangeably — entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. At first, you would think they are similar concepts and meaning with different spellings like utilize and utilise. But they are two different things used around in the business. …

Make it to college with less money in your wallet with these tips.

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Personal Finance: 12 College Budgeting Tips

Make it to college with less money in your wallet with these tips.

Let’s face it. College isn’t cheap. Young people who are sent to college with cars and rooms paid by their parents are very fortunate ones. And not everyone is as lucky as those people. But they are not the only ones who can get to universities for the best education. You can, too. With proper college budgeting techniques, soaring dreams, and strong will and charm, you can make it to college with less money in your wallet. Here are some tips.

1. Utilize the functions of your smartphone

You can use your smartphone for many other things aside from making calls, sending messages, and updating your activities…

Are you a collaborative leader? Here’s what you need to know about what it can potentially do to bring culture change.

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In collaborative leadership, not only a small group of people decides and control information flow, but it is a collaborative effort from the group. At the very least, a collaborative leadership’s main mission is to bring everyone to work together.

This group includes executives, managers, and staff. They share information and are responsible for the entire team. And as a part of a collaborative leadership’s objective, it aims at coming up with the results across all the boundaries of the organization.

So, if you’re a collaborative leader, you invest your effort and time in not only planning for and managing…

Want to apply the democratic leadership style in your firm or organization? Here’s what you need to know.

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Democratic leadership or participative leadership, or for some people, “shared leadership” is a leadership style in which members are given the chance to participate in making decisions. Everyone has the right to voice out their opinion, groups have representatives to carry out the majority’s thought about the issue on the table. It encourages members’ involvement, engagement, and participation. You can see this type of leadership in many governments, offices, public and private organizations.

In a democratic type of leadership, the power does not only rely on a single or selected group of people. The power ‘is’ the ‘people’. …

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Whether or not another recession is on the horizon, prepare and protect your finances! Here’s how.

What is a recession? It is a slowed down economic growth (a drop in output). It is also characterized by a poorly performing economy for at least six months, a decline in the real gross domestic product (GDP) for at least two quarters and an overall reduction of economic activity for at least a couple of months.

Signs include people making and spending less money, people belonging at all income levels are negatively impacted, and businesses stop growing (or closing). But whether we’re facing a recession soon, you can start preparing your finances now to survive a downturn. …

Interested to save more? Here’s for you.

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Saving money might not come easily or sound good to you, but it’s essential for personal finance management. It’s also necessary for your future and crucial for your financial health. It’s why you need to start saving money early. But then, you might be skeptical about it that you’re thinking it’s impossible to achieve. However, it’s not often the case because everyone can save some — with the willingness to start and stick to it on a regular basis. …

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