For my digital story I am choosing the College, Self & community option. The reason why I chose this option is because I want to join clubs or organizations on my own time. The way I am going to gather information for for my project is by joining clubs and groups at the UMN. I will take note on how much I am learning in the community, record some of the pratices or interview my teammates. I have already joined competitive ballroom dance club and also joined the habitat for humanity club. So far I am really excited to learn more about the clubs I am in and find out more about myself through these clubs. I joined these groups because in high school I was always apart of something and it felt weird not being in a group for the first few weeks of college. After I joined theses clubs/groups I felt like I belonged and wasn’t as stressed about classes or fitting inI wonder if people who were also freshmen felt that they were left out or wanted to be apart of something?
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