3 steps green office design

Getting work done causes you trouble, you may blame your mistake, space of office. Green office design will turn it out, also can make you and partner confortable and more productive. FET corporation have just had a new report about 5 xu hướng thiết kế văn phòng to help you can solve this.

1.Having a bike will help you happier

Bike affect the pain of every day reduce when it is set inside-partly. If employees can take public movement, or if they live nearby and go to work by bike, they’ll funny.

Bike makes you happier.

2. A planet and a view of nature will make work better.

greener office.

If you want have a views–something that’s exceptionally helpful, you’ll setup a window. Looking at planet is demonstrated to make colleague healthier, focus on work, happier. If you don’t have trees or a park, even pictures of nature can help. Referance in http://fet.com.vn/cac-mau-thiet-ke-van-phong-dep-va-khoa-hoc.html

3. Sunlight will improve your work, sleep better.

Sitting next to the window will upgrade your work and help make employees more efficient and more able to focus. employees with windows get 173% more exposure to white light during the work day, and sleep an average of 46 extra minutes a night.

Because of daylight, thiết kế văn phòng will be part of important for work office. Just design one green office

design green office
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