10 reasons New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is the worst.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has given us hundreds of reasons why he shouldn’t be re-elected for a second term this year. To make it easier to digest, we managed to boil it down to just 10:

1. He signed TWO voter suppression laws based on a lie.

During his campaign for governor, Chris Sununu knowingly lied about voter fraud, saying Massachusetts residents were flooding into New Hampshire by bus to vote illegally. Donald Trump later repeated Sununu’s claim to explain his loss to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire in 2016.

After an investigation, the NH Attorney General found there to be no significant voter fraud of any kind, but Sununu still used the voter fraud conspiracy theory that he and Trump fabricated to justify restricting eligible New Hampshire voters’ ability to cast a ballot.

2. His biggest priority is passing a school voucher program

Sununu championed a school voucher bill that would have taken over $266 million from public schools and earned him unlimited free trips on Betsy DeVos’s yachts. Thankfully, he couldn’t gather enough Republican support in order to pass it, but it was close and he promised to make it his first priority if he gets re-elected.

3. He’s a climate change denier

In 2017, Governor Sununu said on a radio interview that he had “looked at the data very closely” said “I don’t know exactly” if carbon emissions cause climate change.

He supported President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and refused to participate in the bipartisan US Climate Alliance with other governors. Just the worst.

4. He lied about supporting paid family leave and then killed a proposal for it

When asked during a debate while running for governor whether he supported paid family leave, Chris Sununu said “absolutely.” As governor, it was a different story.

Sununu caved under pressure from the Koch Brothers’ political organization and pledged to veto paid family leave, killing it in the Senate. He called it an “income tax” and said it was unsustainable, even though a note from his own office said the exact opposite.

5. He gave himself a $22,000 raise on his first day in office

On his first day in office, Governor Sununu gave himself a $22,000 pay raise, an 18% salary increase from his female predecessor. What could a Granite Stater buy with an extra $22,000? Find out here.

6. He supported Trump through all of his worst behavior and awful policies

Sununu was a steadfast supporter of Donald Trump during the campaign and stuck with him after the Access Hollywood tape was released. He defended Trump’s Muslim Ban and his response to the Charlottesville riot.

More consequentially, Sununu has enabled Trump at every turn while his administration has attempted to upend the healthcare system, roll back important environmental protections, impose a religious test as a barrier to entry into the United States, shortchange important New Hampshire programs, underfund the opioid crisis, and set a terrible example of unethical and indecent leadership.

7. He’s visited the Trump White House more than any other governor and the only thing he got from it is campaign donations for himself from Mike Pence.

Sununu has made 10 trips to Washington since becoming governor. He always returns saying “we didn’t get any assurances” on policy, but his campaign finance reports reveal why he keeps going back.

8. He’s the NRA’s poster child

The first law Sununu signed after taking office allowed anyone in the state to carry a concealed weapon without needing a permit. This means that dangerous people like Chris Cantwell, the “crying Nazi” and organizer of the Charlottesville riot, who lives in Keene, can carry a concealed weapon without getting permission from his local police department.

After Sununu signed this, the NRA celebrated it as a “dividend” of their donations to Sununu.

9. He supported every version of the Republican effort to repeal healthcare protections for millions of Americans in 2017.

Governor Sununu even called the U.S. House passage of Trumpcare a “huge win.” Really.

10. He called a special legislative session to deal with a sales tax threat to New Hampshire businesses and didn’t even bother to stay in the state for it.

Sununu was at a high-dollar fundraiser in Colorado for four days and failed to realize that the sales tax bill, a response to the Supreme Court Wayfair v South Dakota decision, didn’t have enough support. It failed to pass the House while he was on his way back to New Hampshire. Whoops!

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