Change brings change.

It was supposed to be my last semester. Actually my last year in school. In my country the educational system goes for 16 yrs. By the time you finish school you are about 22/23 yrs .I Don’t know why am writing about this but let’s see how the story ends

Am 23 as I write. Jobless, frustrated but a bit happy with the twist and turns of life

It was my dream that at least by now I would be doing something professional. Probably a doctor at agha kan hospital, public speaker or a psychiatric. Ironically I did a course in the agriculture field to add on that am undergraduate

I got suspended, that was the last of the expectations. Sometimes I sit down and ask myself, what would have cost that lady if she forgave us. what was she doing in that exam room? , does she ever think about her future kids? . Does she even go to church? . Does she think that sometimes I sit and think about her choices? . It’s hard to accept such situations especially when you come from a family where everyone even the neighbors mongrel expect 101 %. It’s the worst feeling , alot of questions , arising from the disappointment they get . You were the messiah and now you are a black sheep whom they have no idea about

Am good, people are coming into terms with my mistake.Honestly it hasn’t been easy. There has been a big difference from where I think I wanted to be and where my life is right now. The suspension has made me a different person. I now know that black and white are the same

If it would take me back. I don’t think I would do it differently. Because change is bringing alot. So much I have learnt, am realizing that I don’t have to be a doctor at 23, that having a big job and alot of certificate wunt hand you a 6 figure salary.that friends vary with the size of your pocket and real ones stick even when your flat. That you start from somewhere and you should accept change positively because change brings alot of change

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