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ASINSpector PRO: E-Comm, Amazon, Shopify, Product Research Tool By Lowell Rempel Review and Download: ASINspector is the #1 Proven Solution to Slashing Your Product Research & Sourcing Time By 80%

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ASINspector Chrome Extension you will be able to:

  • Know Best Seller Ranks
     Quickly know who is the best seller of any product and if there’s room for competition. This is the simplest tool to find hidden gems and source pricing instantly!
  • Category / Nodes
     Instantly know every category/ node a particular item is listed in. This software makes it very easy assisting/ researching your listing and gives you intel of what nodes you should be focusing on
  • Source the Product Quickly
     Easily source the cost and availability of product on Aliexpress, Alibaba or E-bay to see if it’s worthwhile competing in that niche in seconds.
  • Revenue Estimator
     Know estimated monthly sales volume instantly to see if it’s worth competing with on your e-com site or selling platform
  • Instantly know Ratings
     Product review statistics, including number of reviews and the average star rating are neatly displayed.
  • Product Pricing
     Be able to know what other competitors are selling the product for such as Walmart or Ebay instantly with one click.

With ASINspector PRO you get all ASIN Standard features plus:

  • Spy on your competitor
     With our keyword search and find too
  • Mobile Scan
     Yes scan any item anywhere from any store on your ISO/Android device
  • Filtering
     Effortlessly filter any category and or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for.
  • Brainstorm
     Not sure what to search click our magic light bulb and let ASINspector Pro find it for you
  • Import
     Import unlimited amount of ASIN’s at once, then let ASIN Pro research them all (with filters as well)
  • Reverse search
     Reverse search any Ebay site from any country India, UK, Australia, US, Europe, Asia and more…
  • Related Keywords
     Easily get other related keywords for any product in Google + Google Trends
  • Store and Save
     Simply store and save your most favorite searches to easily with one click find them again.

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Originally published at on October 12, 2016.