Task Analysis Mapping

Today’s post is about Task Analysis Mapping. This assignment was about thinking through a problem scenario through a visual storyboard with paper and pen. Task analysis is an essential part of UX design process. According to Interaction Design Foundation;

“Task analysis is a simple and effective process for laying out tasks from a user’s perspective”.

For this assignment, I was given the problem of having an ugly living room wall in my apartment. It is in need of a major change. So I decided to solve the problem by painting it and taking initiative in solving this problem.

Step 1: Problem

The living room walls need a major renovation. For this to happen, I need to ask my roommate if it is ok with him and analyze what we should do next.

Step 2: Research

Researching ideas on the web, such as Pinterest, is very useful for brainstorming ideas for the room. Pinterest also gives you color ideas and painting advice as well. In this scenario, we came up with using the color white.

Step 3: Proposal

After picking the color white, we needed to come up with a proposal before we asked our landlord for permission. We had to prove to our landlord that we thought this project out. We came up with a plan about cost, timeframe, supplies, and the steps in order to make this happen.

Step 4: Budget

After we came up with the proposed plan, my roommate and I called our landlord to ask for permission. We then came to a mutual agreement about the paint project and the method of payment. Our landlord gave us a check for the cost and agreed in writing on taking out the cost from our security deposit at the end of the year.

Step 5: Preparation

After researching on Pinterest. We learned about preparation for painting a room in your house. We then moved our furniture. We also cleaned the floors and walls before painting. I laid the plastic on the floor so we wouldn't get the carpet stained. Next came mixing the paint and priming the walls.

Step 6: Paint

First coat
Second coat

After painting the second coat, we let the paint dry for one full day before we moved the furniture back.

Step 7: Conclusion

Twenty-four hours has since passed and we moved the furniture back. At the end of the year, we received our security deposit and our landlord deducted the payment out of our security deposit check.

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