Sweetest Goodbye

Saying good bye is the most painful way of solving problems.

As always say, there are some people who can stay at your heart but not in you life, that’s why there are so called strangers.

We once laughed on simple crazy jokes, carried away on heart melting stories, argue on thing misunderstood but then we end up smiling at each others face.

I might leave but those memories we’ve shared treasure more as you think.

This might be hard, but telling you it would be worth it. No matter what we all think it would be the best thing to do.

There is no permanent in this world people come and go — just ready your heart so it wont be so painful. Some people leave things hanging or much better to left unsaid.

Someday you’ll see and understand the reasons why there is a good in every goodbyes.

Walk away with footprint marks for them to remember.