One may count the privileges/issues in being male versus the privileges/issues in being female.
François Braud

Francois, so what do you have to say about Rape Culture? Feminists have consistently used grossly inflated statistics to create a hyperbolic and inflammatory debate. In effect this keeps women in a perpetual state of fear when in fact the numbers indicate that the incidence of rape has in the West has been dropping for decades.

You do a disservice to feminism and feminists when you ask others to “avoid destroying their work”. Any real feminist would understand that in order to better understand equality one must challenge widely acknowledge “truths” that are built on shaky foundations. If someone’s work is able to be “destroyed” then it wasn’t likely the work was worth the effort in the first place.

Instead of admonishing those that criticize your worldview you should be encouraging feminists to use better evidence. That would be empowering. What you are doing is apologizing for poor theory and asking skeptics not to check the math.

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