Rachel Edwards

One only needs to read the reams of comments to realize that Rachel has struck a cord of truth. The faux outrage and hyperbole in the comments is indicative of a regime that realizes it is losing any legitimacy much like feminism’s proponents accuse men and Patriarchy.

We live in a Western world where men are indeed afraid to speak out against feminism as it has been portrayed as the “equality” movement. The truth is it has never been about equality but about female privilege and that has become clear.

As with most isms the radical eventually becomes the mainstream and that has happened with feminism. In the 1960’s Patriarchal theory was radical now it is the norm despite the fact that it is impossible to prove. Feminism is no longer a movement but a faith.

Sadly for indoctrinated feminists other people are now paying attention to the social surveys and grossly inflated statistics that this house of cards was built upon. Only those that are ill-informed believe we have a Rape Culture in the West based on any data that does not come from Ms. magazine. It is designed simply to keep women in perpetual fear and to garner mass amounts of funding for the DV industry.

Patriarchy theory simply absolves women of responsibility for their own choices and/or shortcomings by supplying them with a bogeyman. There is and never has been any proof that men subjugate women systemically. It is simply a facade to allow feminists to call inequalities sexist, period.