Captain’s Ball! N-house 16/17 Sem 1.

“Captain’s Ball is the funnest game ever.” — everybody after the game.

This Wicked Wednesday past, residents of N-house came down for a session of sports and relaxation to relieve themselves of some mid-term stress by engaging in one of funnest games ever invented — Captain’s Ball.

Organized and refereed by Fitzkhoon, one of the resident mentors for N-house, the event was a semester-ly recurrence borne out of the need for releasing residents from some of the pressures of academic, social, and work life, all of which are famous for their properties of sleep, exercise, and familial deprivation — and that’s not even counting the other two elements of the entrepreneur’s dilemma.

In the name of holistic health, we show you how the game went down.

Team Tuck-Out (L) and Team Tuck-In (R) facing off before the game. We see Kang Sing of Team Tuck-Out engaging in some pre-game gamesmanship on a member of Team Tuck-In. Surprised by the competitiveness? Don’t be — Captain’s Ball is a competitor’s game, and entrepreneurs are great competitors.

A side-note — according to , Captain’s Ball is one of the best and most popular games for boys and girls for its simple game-play and organization.

Best. Most popular. Fun. Boom.

And the game was afoot! We see Team Tuck-In swarming around Daniel of Team Tuck-Out, who struggles to find an opening in the wall of defense orchestrated by Team Tuck-In, to whom this writer belonged.

After some intense competition, Team Tuck-In won the game and was presented with a sparkly drink of some worth. A picture of the winning team was taken.

Top row L-R: Zhiyang, Poornima, Jun Kai, Hadi. Bottom row L-R: Mansfield, Eugene, Jake, Yu Ann. Presenting award: Fitzkhoon

In the name of sports and fitness, everyone was a winner. A picture of all the winners were taken.

Top row: winners. Bottom row: winners. You there reading this: winner.
“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” — Michael Jordan.

That’s all folks. Stay tuned for the next update of Wicked Wednesday — Open House @ N-house.

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