Mid-Autumn Festival! N-house 16/17 Sem 1.

Mooncakes. Karaoke. Mostly karaoke.

It was a festive, festive day at N-house during the Mid-Autumn Festival, as mooncakes, karaoke, and great company drew the N-house crowd to the Venture Lab despite stressful times at NUS (tis the season for mid-terms).

Karaoke. Featuring Manny of level 2 on the guitar, and in your hearts.
Oh, festive day.
Eugene of level 2 was a happy customer that day.

Indeed, so infectious was the festive cheer that the happy boys of level 2 decided to have a steamboat gathering.

And as one would expect, a happy Eugene.

Newsflash: Eugene of level 2 is currently working hard on his startup, ExchangeBuddy , and also working hard on his FYP.

That is all.

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