Week 3 @ N-House — Build Your Own Startup Landing Page in 2 Hours

This week's Wicked Wednesday event held on the 27th Jan was a hands-on workshop that taught and guided the audience members on building their own landing page. The workshop was conducted by one of N-House's very own Resident Assistant, Yanyi, along with the help from several residents (Jerry, Seokhoon, Hadi, Thinh, Dongwei & more).

There was an overwhelming turnout for the workshop where the basics of Bootstrap, HTML and CSS were taught to the crowd. Audience members also had the chance to try coding on their own.

Yishu See, a Product Lead from Viddsee, was the guest speaker who gladly gave a talk on the basics of Web Design, UI & UX during the back part of the workshop. The talk served as a complement to the workshop, especially after the crowd had learnt the technical details towards building a landing page.

Audience members having their dinner and getting ready for the workshop.
Getting ready for the workshop to start.
Getting really crowded as seats filled up quickly.
A fellow N-House resident helping out as a facilitator.
Separate 'VIP' area outside the Venture Lab.
Another 'VIP' area with their own mini projector screen.
Trying hard to understand the basics of HTML & CSS by inspecting script on familiar websites.
Yishu from Viddsee sharing tips on Web Design/UI/UX.
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