Week 9 @ N-House — Design Thinking

Group picture with participants holding onto their prototypes!

This week’s Wicked Wednesday event (16th March) was a highly interactive and hands-on workshop (using materials from Stanford D.School) on design thinking, where participants learnt and applied the well-known methodology for solving complex creative problems through the following 5 stages: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test.

The workshop was conducted by Charmaine Chan, an NOC Alumni who experienced working in business development and design at Honeybook in San Francisco and Tech in Asia and Mastercard in Singapore, along with help from several residents (Sarthak Basak, Dong Wei, Yanyi, Ying Ling & more).

Participants trying to understand their user's problems
Ideate stage — participants sketching out the solutions for their user
A participant displaying the prototype she made for her user
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