During my first semester at Columbia University, I achieved a 4.0 cumulative GPA. Although chance is surely a partial factor, I took a very concerted and premeditated approach to the college experience and attribute my success to this. This spring semester I’ve achieved perfect scores on the majority of my…

View of the city I shot while walking along the Brooklyn Bridge

My journey at Columbia University has arrived, bringing with it the academics, the city and the community my life has been leading up to.

The city itself is incredible and majestic. I’ve enjoyed exploring it from the far reaches of Coney Island to the art galleries in Queensboro. The Yankees…

There are many incredible institutions across the US who have both the reputation and teaching ability to enable students to have very successful careers in tech. Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon are among the top and do an incredible job preparing their students.

An age old quote “Jack of all…

Noah Huber-Feely

Full stack developer and Columbia student. Let’s build a better world.

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