Nicholas Charriere

I actually really love erlang. I dont like elixir because its too much like Ruby. Thats a really stupid way to judge a langauge, but I just dont like the feels of it. Functional is great and erlang is pretty cool. But I still feel like python is dramatically more productive, and the main reason is because of the size of the community, and the libraries included. Also, the ability to do OO or functional-style is really nice.

Interesting that you say memory footprint is an issue with Python. Python has one of the smallest memory footprints for an interpreted language. It is actually much smaller than the JVM. But compared to go and rust etc, yes it can be high.

As far as point 1, google and facebook use both mono repos and microservices depending on the project. The mono repos are typically the “main app” where they care more about quality than speed, hence they dont care as much about moving fast. Maybe you have first hand experience, but thats what I’ve found people say.

As far as point 2: not sure what about python makes it harder to distribute than any other language.

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