Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.
James Clear

What your calling a “system” is really just another type of goal. Its a short term/reoccurring goal. You say if you don’t set the goal you still get the same result. I disagree. Sure, you wrote enough words to have a book, but you didn’t write a book, you wrote blog posts. In order to write a book you actually have to know your planning on writing a book, or a goal. If your trying to lose weight, you might decide to work out x days a week, but without the goal of “I want to loose weight” you’ll have no motivation and will stop. The long term goal is the motivation. Olympic athletes would have never made it to the Olympics without setting a goal that they wanted to get there. It requires really hard work, that without a big reward, wouldn’t be worth it. Goals help you see the bigger picture, and help you focus on what your really trying to achieve.

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