Best time to travel Cambodia

Cambodia is not only good food, unique unusual sites are also attracting tourist visitors. Best time to travel Cambodia? Because there is tropical monsoon climate so the best time you travel to Cambodia’s dry season (November to April). Weather in Cambodia this season very dry and cool due to the northeast monsoon. Heritage line cruises.

Southwest monsoon starts from May to December 11. During this time period, the Cambodia often have heavy rains — up 80% of the annual rainfall. heritage line cruisesFlood season starts around July to August, making it difficult for Cambodia tourism in some areas.

The annual temperature from 21C to 35C in Cambodia, sometimes up to 40C in December 4. Cambodia’s northern region is quite cold climates in the winter months.

Guests should wear light cotton clothes, simple and cone while traveling in Cambodia because Cambodia weather is often hot. Flats or sneakers would be the appropriate choice when you go to visit the temple in Cambodia. Paradise cruises

One thing to note is that visitors should dress politely when to visit temples and other sacred places.

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