Culture of Vietnam cuisine

Food culture is culture formed naturally in life. Especially for the people of Vietnam, culinary culture is not just about the physical but also the spiritual culture. Through cuisine one can understand the cultural expression of human dignity, cultural level of the people with the morals, manners and customs of eating … travel Indochina Vietnam

Vietnamese food culture who are known for characteristics such as sociability, diversity, low in fat; flavor to the combination variety reducers to increase flavor, attractiveness of the dish. Eating a platter and use chopsticks at dinner and special rice is indispensable traditions of the whole people of Vietnam.

Besides the common features, each one has its regional cuisine features in particular:
Northern cuisine: dishes taste just right, not too warm but with bright colors, often dark and spicy, fatty, sweet, mainly using dilute fish sauce, shrimp paste. Hanoi is considered the quintessence of northern cuisine with delicious dishes such as pho, bun thang, bun cha, screws bun, cereal Village Round, rolls Thanh Tri and unique spices like belostomatid oil, basil Village.

Central Cuisine: The preferred central back-flavored dishes darker, stronger concentration. Excellent characteristics expressed through special flavor, much spicy food than the North and South. Colors are rich mix, brilliant, fond of red and brown. Central renowned cuisine with sour shrimp sauce, shrimp sauce types. Hue royal court cuisine with royal cuisine is not only very spicy, very colorful but also focus on the number of dishes, decoration items. Dragon Pearl cruises

Southern cuisine: Due influenced by Chinese cuisine, Cambodia, Thailand should the Southerners dishes minded sweetness, heat level. Popular kinds of dried fish as colorful fish sauce, Prahok, fish … There are three features rustic dishes, specific such as coconut water voles respects, fantastic flying fox chao, cobra ground mung bean porridge , track, dirt track or road dates, Vop husband, fish trui …

Cuisine of ethnic minorities: Cuisine of every ethnic minority has its separate identity. Famous as the live mixed pork young phèo of ethnic Highlands, egg rolls (Cao Bang, Lang Son), in line coong Tay ethnic bread, milk and pig roast duck hook confidential, verbal humiliation Lang Son, sour soup , bee larvae porridge, noodles alcoholic sparkling, try to win, sweet rice dishes of the Thai Princess, sour meat Thanh Son, Phu Tho …

Culinary show spirit of Vietnamese culture

Culture in the spirit of the Vietnamese cuisine is an expression of beauty in the culture of communication, is the behavior between people in the meals, please each other through gentlemanly behavior, education . The meals are the rules, practices, separate from ourselves, to the family, and the social relationships.

We ourselves have to maintain our cautious while eating, as well as promoting his honor: “eat the pot look, sitting in direction”, or “chew food, speak to think”

Family: general food trays, deli priority for older people, young children “made of glass on the bottom”, expressing the respect, affection. Daily meals are considered family reunion dinner, people gather together, happy together, says after a day of hard work.

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