Experience to travel Sapa

Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province northwest with extremely popular sites is Mount Fansipan, which is considered the roof of Indochina. Located at an altitude of 1600m over sea level, Sapa has characterized climate temperate and subtropical, cool air all year round. Weather in town one day all four seasons: the morning is spring weather, noon weather like in summer, usually sunny, balmy climate, afternoon clouds and dew fell cool feeling such as collecting and night sky as the cold of winter. Indochina tours Vietnam

Along learn some information about the travel experience of ban. The calendar offline Sapa sapa resource relies on cool climate and cultural tourism, is home to many ethnic groups living together. Including two prominent ethnic minority Mong and Dao. Sapa to you will be relaxed in the cool atmosphere of the land of temperate approach, visiting ethnic villages, explore the spectacular natural beauty. Mekong delta cruise

Sapa travel time. You can travel throughout the year, summers are cool, winters are cold but was watching the sea of ​​clouds, fog covered the town. Each season has its own one or, according to Sapa’s travel experience, you should spend at least 2 days and 1 night in Sapa, enough time to visit the most beautiful spots.
Go up how Sapa

There are two ways to Sapa, you can take the train to sit conditioning or soft bed. Personally recommend buying beds, although slightly more expensive, but still comfortable, the next day you are healthy enough to go out. You should book the tickets purchased by the company agents train tickets Early in the crowded holiday travel. Also you can ride the bus to Sapa, car beds are run at night, but no night bus service in the North as in the South is not good, but also okay. Advantages cheaper trains. Some carmakers like Hung Thanh, Hai Van, Vietnam or Vietnam Sen bus. You go in the evening, the morning went to Sapa. You should also always return ticket to the initiative goes on.

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