Explore Sapa- the norh Vietnam in May

May is considered the best time to travel Sapa, an attractive resort for nature lovers who want to experience the wildlife of the Northwest. Sapa weather varies from day to day, so tourists need to prepare adequate clothing for the climate. Best Indochina travel

Silver water in Sapa

You will see the Silver Waterfall flowing down from 200m high into the stream in the O Quy Ho Valley, making the impressive sound of mountains and forests. From the Sapa town, you could reach Thac Bac — Silver waterfall by going west about 12km, on the way to Lai Chau. you reach the peak of the Mountain Pass. This place has a beautiful view of Fansipan.

Ham Rong mountain

May is the time for rice cultivation of people in Sapa. The scene of rice cultivation on terraced fields are very beautiful. Ham Rong Mountain is 3km from Sapa town, and tourist could take a walk to go there. To Ham Rong, visitors like to go to the garden brilliant flowers on the ground. North Vietnam tours

Especially, the flowers in Sapa begin to bloom in May. If you are interested in taking photos with beautiful flowers, please go to Sapa within this time.

Sapa Stone Church

The church has been embellished and preserved, becoming an indispensable scene when referring to Sapa. SaPa Church, which is built in 1895, considered to be one of the oldest remnant French architectural marks

Fansipan mountain

You can follow the tour of the travel company or self-organized with the guidance of the local Mong, Dao people. There are many Hoang Lien trees, precious woods, birds, bear, monkey. Fansipan is the highest mountain of the Indochinese Peninsula (3,143 m), located in the heart of the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. If you walk, it takes 6 to 7 days to conquer this mountain.