How to get Vung Tau in Ho Chi Minh

Vung Tau has long been considered an attractive tourist destination for tourists because of its natural beauty. Whether to anywhere in Vung Tau trip visitors will also be attracted by the scenery of this place .. With a coastline that stretches 20km, Vung Tau is one of the favorite destinations of tourists south. Located jutting out like a strip of land, from here, we can look the East Sea and the moment when the Sun rises again superb hon..Hon this coastal city is charming with the promenade tiled runs parallel to the beach. Park adjacent to the coast is the right place for you to see the sea promenade, and this promises to be a tourist city worth your visit. Alova cruise halong bay

Besides the charming scenery, Vung Tau is also known for cuisine. Vung Tau delicacies like hot pot stingrays, star apple cake original Khot, raw fish or cheese, etc … are the dishes with bold flavors that are sure Vung Tau tourists to visit this place is worth trying once. From specialties to rustic dishes are attractive enough diners every domain.
 Banh Khot Ms. Hai

Address: 42 Tran Dong, Ward 3, Dist. Vung Tau, Vung Tau.
Opening times: breakfast — lunch: 06:00 AM — 12:00 AM
Price: 20,000 VND — 44,000 VND.

According diners feel the soft bread here Khot, fat, big shrimp, crispy fresh food rather than limp. Lubricants have but little, rolling it’s good to eat vegetables without causing bored. Because the restaurant is quite crowded so hot and slightly somewhat tight, but in return shop has a staff of enthusiastic and agile, more prices here are also quite cheap compared to other places.
Hotpot rays Vung Tau. travel Indochina Vietnam

Hotpot rays is one of the famous specialty in Vung Tau, is seen as characterized here.
Enjoy the sweet taste of the broth, along the long length of the fish, mix with fragrant cilantro. Dotted adding that slightly bitter taste of bamboo shoots, and the tongue of spicy chili. All make up the rays do hotpot anxiety many tourists.