Information of the Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Travel to the “country temples” of Cambodia and explore the beauty of the unique Angkor temples, will be an experience that you never forget.
I bet, most of you will say things like “This is Angkor Wat, one of the largest religious monument and the most recognizable world.” But contrary to all common thinking that, in fact, Angkor Wat temple just ONE in Cambodia. And all vestiges of temples here are collectively called Angkor, a large area owns more than 1,000 temples of various sizes. Travel Indochina Cambodia
1. Angkor Wat

This is the most famous temple in Cambodia, built by King Suryavarman II in the 11th century At the beginning, this is a Hindu temple, but after dynasty Buddhist Khmer, Angkor Wat has become the a Buddhist temple.
Temple sat really huge and brilliant, is surrounded by a large wall. In front of the temple is a lot of lakes are planted lotus, look very graceful. Because of its very famous, Angkor Wat should always crowded tourists from around the world to visit. Field who usually flock here from before 6 am, long queues under the lake in front of school to watch the sun rise, and then a visit to the main temple. Waiting in line to climb on top of the tower and you will see, the wait was not in vain.
2. Bayon

Bayon is located in the center of Angkor Thom — the last capital of the Angkorian empire. Initially, the temple has 54 towers, large and small, but now only 37 towers relatively intact.
 On each tower is a giant faces carved into rocks overlooking the four directions. Faces bearing mysterious smile made Bayon become one of the most impressive temples and Angkor’s most emotional.
3. Ta Prohm

As a special temple in Angkor complex, it becomes more famous actress Angelina Jolie while filming “Secret Tomb”. The temple was built in the Bayon style in the late 12th century and early 13th century, with the first name is Rajavihara and formerly used as a monastery and school of Mahayana Buddhism.
Some small note you should know when visiting Angkor

Travel plans
You should plan to schedule a tour of his temple, even hired a tuk-tuk driver, or rent a bike for a day. You can find a tuk-tuk is everywhere here, and the drivers are always ready to take you to any temples in your schedule.

Should visit the temple in the early morning. Tours in Cambodia
Wake up early and visit the temples at the earliest possible time, is a way for you to experience the beauty of the most complete temples. Going from at dawn, not only get you the opportunity to admire the sunrise, but also can avoid the crowds, before the sun woke up and made things become “chaotic”.

Well — dressed
As a spiritual religious sites, so you should pay attention to his attire, just buy a scarf or a sarong is not enough in Cambodia. Therefore, discreetly dressed and polite is the best way to avoid problems may be encountered.