Some delicious food for Tet luna

Vietnam is well-known to foreign travelers as a culinary country with a diversity of delicious cuisines . Mekong delta tours vietnam

  1. Gio Cha
Gio Cha for Tet luna

There are many different types of Vietnamese Gio Cha called Gio Lua (pork-pie), Gio Bo (Beef dumpling), Gio Bi (Pork and skin paste) and etc. Moreover, people usually pay a New Year’s visit to their relatives and friends so drinking beers and enjoying Gio Cha can make the stories last long! All these Gio Cha is strongly favored during Tet holiday as it can be stored in the refrigerator and easily eaten with other dishes including Banh Chung or Banh Tet. Every house you visit during Tet holiday in Vietnam, they will be likely to serve you pork pie.

2. Mut

Mut for Tet luna

You shouldn’t be surprised if every house you visit, seeing a tray of Mut. Roasted watermelon seeds, roasted sunflower seeds, coconut jam, sugar-preserved lotus seeds, ginger jam and etc.. are all put in a tray in the living rooms for everyone enjoy with a cup of tea and chat with each other. . Dried candied fruits are essential parts of Vietnamese New Year as they are used not only as a gift but also as traditional offerings to their ancestors in first days of the year.

So why don’t you visit Vietnam during our traditional holiday to enjoy them all?