Reagan’s Legancy

President Reagan’s speech, A Time for Choosing, throughly explains his stance on the issue of government power. He states that government runs best when it is smaller and not as involved with the dealings of everyday life. Reagan’s speech is a great example of a timeless piece of news because it will forever remain relevant to the US.

A Time for Choosing embodies the newsworthiness concept of impact. This is because the speech is targeted towards the entire nation and it affects all who live within it. He is speaking out about his views while also keeping in mind the people he is directing his message towards. President Reagan also did an exceptional job at maintaining balance throughout the speech. He did this by taking into perspective the various points of views that may arise. This is shown when he talks about Social Security. He explains that everyone wants to help the less fortunate and the elderly, but he believes that a better program should be in place. By referring to the overall view of helping others, he strengthens his point because it allows for listeners to relate and empathize along with him. Reagan also uses the aspect of sourcing to his advantage because he sought out multiple sources on both sides of issues. When talking about minimizing the power of government, Reagan refers to the Founding Fathers as well as the general public. Using multiple sources allows for more credibility on his part and makes it much easier for listeners to understand where his views are coming from. President Reagan’s use of impact, balance, and sourcing relates to today’s status quo when it comes to politics because he set up a basis for the future. In the current election season, these three aspects are challenged by the candidates to see who can better embody each idea. Reagan successfully did and left a mark on American politics. For a politician to pull people into listening they must follow in Reagan’s footsteps and effectively portray these theories.

Reagan’s speech was very well done and easy to follow in regards to the critical process. He cites James Madison as well as further explaining the Founding Fathers’ intent. He then explains his view on the future of American government by constantly backing up his point with valid sources and ideas. He never just stated his opinion, instead he made sure to appeal to the wide audience he was speaking to and brought in multiple perspectives repeatedly. This is important because this speech was extremely impactful and it resonated with many people. He chose to speak in terms of his views while also keeping an open mind to other opinions. His entire speech was a great push towards the advancement and success of the US. He set an example for future politicians and candidates to follow which allows for a more united nation when it comes to addressing the entire country.

President Reagan’s speech is still relevant to this day because he spoke openly. Though he was referring to the 1960's, the ideas he presented where specific, yet vague enough to connect to today’s society. Social Security and the idea of government power are both still topics that are tossed around today. The ways in which he went about explaining each aspect also fits into the current day. He takes into account diversity and differences of views while still managing to effectively get his message across.

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