AI ROSE Guide: How to get a whitelist

In the AI ROSE NFT release, Oasis community members will be using MBuddy to prove and evaluate their affiliation status with Oasis. The evaluation result grants users a different likelihood of winning a whitelist. Traditionally, providing such insights requires a centralized analysis of individuals’ personal data. But today we will adopt a decentralized method to achieve this, putting users in control of their own data. This is achieved using MBuddy, an on-chain identity that’s fully under user’s control.

This guide contains two parts

  1. Rules of participation

To learn more about how MBuddy works, check out this blog post.


  1. Follow Oasis’ Social Media Accounts:

Everyone who finishes these missions stands a chance to win the whitelist of the AI ROSE Collection. Some exciting news, out of the 999 AI ROSEs, 699 is set aside for actively engaged Oasis community members, evaluated based on the Twitter data using MBuddy. This means that participants with top 699 Oasis Loyalty Scores will be guaranteed to win a whitelist. Note that only Twitter engagements before Dec 14, 2021 are considered. Last minute engagement won’t be counted.

Generate an MBuddy

We will be using MBuddy to check the user’s participation and loyalty level. This will be done by generating two attributes to your MBuddy. Note that your MBuddy will be stored in the Oasis Network, meaning that these attributes are currently public. For the AI ROSE project, we will only be verifying Twitter Data. You will need the following:

  1. A twitter account: the data source

Note: The Mbuddy generation will begin at 9 PM (EST), Dec 14, 2021.

Step-1: Create your Parcel account

Command-1.1: Go to to create your Parcel account.

Note: Parcel is a privacy-persevering computing infrastructure provided by the Oasis Network. MetaMirror leverages Parcel to protect your data and generate your Mbuddy securely. The Oasis Steward is the user end app to manage your data used by Parcel apps.

Step-2: Connect with your wallet

Command-2.1: Go to AI ROSE website Click the “Connect Wallet” button on the top-right.

Command-2.2: Connect with your wallet. Currently, Metamirror only supports MetaMask. If the wallet is connected successfully, your wallet address will be displayed on the top-right corner.

Important Note: Although the AI ROSE NFT will be released on Oasis Emerald ParaTime, you don’t need to switch to the Oasis Emerald network at the moment.

Step-3: Generate your Mbuddy

Command-3.1: Click your wallet address on the top-right of AI ROSE web page, and then click the “Generate MBuddy” button in the pop-up window.

Command-3.2: You will be redirected to Auth3’s Data Marketplace. If it’s your first time using this website, you need to login to your Parcel account.

Command-3.3: After login with Parcel, review the Privacy Policy Specific to this Data Project. Check the two boxes and click “Agree and Upload” button to upload your Twitter data.

Important note: Please carefully review the “Privacy Policy Specific to this Data Project” section for this and all future Data Projects. It contains important information about your raw data and computed results.

Command-3.4: After uploading your twitter data, the website will jump back to the AI ROSE webpage. Your Mbuddy attributes related to AI ROSE release will be generated. This may take a while, so don’t worry if doesn’t happen instantly.

Congratulations! You have successfully generated your first Mbuddy!!

How to delete/update my Mbuddy?

Command: In AI ROSE website ( click your wallet and click the “Reset” button. After that, follow Step-3 to re-generate your MBuddy.

What does the attributes mean?

  • Oasis Fans attribute: If you finished everything in the “Rules of Participation” section, you can participate in the whitelist lottery! The attribute value will be “True”.

Important Note:

You must finish this tutorial before the end of Dec 19 EST to join the whitelist lottery. For the full timeline of AI ROSE NFT release, please check out the Roadmap section on AI ROSE webpage.

If you have any questions regarding MBuddy, please reach out to us in the MetaMirror Discord channel.



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