Our plan for expanding Parcel’s capabilities to include data tokenization.


Parcel is a data sharing and governance platform. It enables:

  • private data marketplaces
  • data governance to insulate your company from risks around directly holding user data
  • analytics cleanrooms
  • data tokenization

This document details the Parcel and data tokenization architectures at a level that’s useful for an integrator/app developer. …

Code Samples for Confidential Contact Tracing on a Secure and Distributed Computing Platform

In the previous article we identified that contact tracing applications can be made more useful by increasing privacy and gaining access to more data. Our proposed solution was to use a secure, distributed computing platform to (abstractly) centralize analysis of participants’ location and health data. …

General purpose computation on the blockchain using Web Assembly System Interface (WASI).

Blockchain WASI

While cloud computing has long brought cost and ease of use, switching from an on-prem solution to cloud has traditionally come with its own inherent risks including a degradation in security and a lack of auditability. …

Nick Hynes

Engineer at Oasis Labs

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