“The new bartering trend of 2016”

Bartering simply defines as exchanging goods and services without the usage of money. If you’ve ever traded a toy as a kid, in return to an even better toy owned by another kid, then you have bartered before. This system of exchange has been used by the early civilizations, long before the emergence of money. However, the bartering system today is not relied upon the economy all that much. A place where we see most bartering on is the internet, with online auctions and swap markets available. With this, you are able to buy items by exchanging items you already owned or no longer need.

Today, the internet generally has opened new forms of trade that include the social media. Facebook users rely on a page specifically for buying and selling. College students, for example, buy or sell books from other students on the same campus on facebook to receive a great deal.Typically, this new form of trade on the internet are the development of the sharing economy, which also lead to the outset of AirBnb, Craigslist, or Uber. The bartering system is also part of the sharing economy, without the disbursement. But, is there an actual bartering system today much like what all of our ancestors did in the past?

Starting January of 2016, consumers are finally able to barter with the use of their mobile phones. An app called Swoppler will begin a new form of trade with the use of the bartering system, which requires no money at all. It is a social media trading platform focusing on communities and fair trade. Besides trading items, users are able to offer services such as tutoring, walking one’s dog, for something they desire in return. With that, they are able to make new friends, and connect with people in their community. Find Swoppler in the app store for IOS and Android once we launch. For more information, please visit https://www.swoppler.com/