Use D-Link DSL-2750U as a Broadband WAN Router

Nissan Ahmed
Mar 5, 2017 · 2 min read
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If you happen to have an Indian version of D-Link DSL-2750U router which has the hardware version of U1 and firmware version of IN_1.08, then you probably know, it doesn’t have the (Static) IP over Ethernet (IPOE / MER) configuration capability which it is actually capable of doing.

D-Link has updated the software on their D-Link Indian site for C1 hardware, but not for U1 version. Other versions of this router for Middle East / Russia, already has the functionality built-in, so we are going to update the software to a Middle East variant (ME_1.09).

Disclaimer: Flashing firmware of an unsupported variant can void your router’s warranty.

First download the firmware from this link: ME_1.09.

Connect the router with a LAN cable with your computer and visit from a browser.

Go to this page, select the file and click Update Firmware button.

If everything goes well, the firmware should be upgraded to ME_1.09.

Now connect the broadband ethernet to Lan4 port of the router. Delete any already added configuration and set it up as below.

Click Apply and it should be connected to the internet successfully.

You can additionally disable DSL functionality if you don’t need it anymore.

Other Firmware Links:

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