COLLEGE is not for me.

Why do i think that College isn’t for me? well, it is a hard decision, I’m afraid to tell everyone that i have no interest in school, I don’t see my self getting a degree (I know my family will be really disappointed). I believe that Skills is better than getting a good grades just by memorizing & reading textbooks.

When i was in High School, I’ve always dreamed of being a College Student, thinking that it was very easy. So, I did i enrolled myself in College. I didn’t last long. I stayed for just 1 day, 1 class actually. At first i taught that i’m just not ready for it yet so i decided to take a break for 2 years then enroll to a different school and different course thinking that maybe i would do better than the previous one. I did enjoy it was actually fun. But, it was fun because i met new people. then i realize i should take a break again. I came back to School after a year of thinking. I tried again in Another School. while studying i realize that I’m doing it not to learn but to get a high grades that i want to brag to everyone. I just memorize everything then it was a success i got a high grades. still, I’m not happy, I’m not contented. and yes finally i decided not to continue it.

My sister convince me to enroll to a vocational/short courses Institute. I did, i take up Barista. upon learning, it was a surprise that i really enjoyed and love what i’m doing/ learning about. up until now I’m still thinking of being a Barista, I’m looking forward to it. I think it is for me. i want to make coffee, I want to serve people.

Now, i want to pursue it. I’m looking for a job, Getting interviews and hoping to get a job as a Barista. I know it’s hard to understand. This is what i want to do, I’m Happy. that is the only important in life, You should be happy of what you’re doing, You should be contented.

Don’t think of what other people will tell you, think of your own happiness.


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