Life’s Five Great Stories

So far in my life the focus of my great story has been leadership. The focus on this is because growing up in a house hold where my parents grew up poor. They made it a point to show us how to be strong independent leaders, and not to rely on anyone for anything. Be inquisitive and ask questions to get the answers that you need and want. This leadership was further deepened when I decided to volunteer and doing the army to become an officer. As an officer people look up to me, their for my leadership needs to be sound. Otherwise my soldiers won’t follow me into battle.

Going forward I want to focus more on long term relationships. Being that I’m a future leader in the army I’ve done a lot of testing. This testing relating to strengths and weaknesses what my personality is. Knowing all that the other four aren’t as important to me. Long term relationships will fill my soul. I look at my parents and see how after 30 years they are still very much in love. Even after the trials of tribulations of life. Finding a long term partner to share my leadership, Enlightenment/spirituality, and career with is the ultimate win in my book.

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