Sons Put Their Moms Through a Lie Detector Test… It’s Hilarious!

Gather a few moms, their kids and a lie detector in a room, and enjoy some hilarious confessions and reactions! Kids tend to ask the most uncomfortable questions, and they seem to feel quite comfortable asking questions about sex and drugs.

Every child has told a few little white lies to their moms, like “I promise, I won’t be late”, or “Yes, I already did my homework”. But are these kids the only one lying?

Six seconds into the video and you will watch one of the moms warning her son:

Don’t ask anything that’s gonna, like, incriminate us, cause this is permanent!

Someone was pretty wild at their youth, and they know it!

Very soon the boys showered their mothers with embarrassing questions, being completely ruthless and shameless. One of them takes it to a whole new level, asking his mom:

Have you ever role-played before?

Luckily, she quickly shuts him down with the argument that he, as her son, was not supposed to ask that kind of questions.

We learned our lesson, kids. You can never be certain what your own mom might be hiding up their sleeves. Which makes them even cooler, in some freaky way.

But enough talking! Prepare yourselves for this extremely shameful, oops, I meant ridiculous video below:

Thanks to: Housekeepers Melbourne