How News Can Go From Classy To Sexy

In a generation where digital anything takes over everything, it’s hard to ignore that print is becoming a thing of the past. Print will probably never be completely extinct, but it is no longer the first go-to. Let’s be real for a moment, digital is always readily available at our finger tips; the search alone to find a newspaper in the morning is annoying. People spend a lot of time on their phones and on social media so it is only right that the news comes to us. Since people also spend so much time on their phone, their attention spans are shorter which is why having news sources on media outlets like snapchat is so important. The difference between something like an article printed in the Wall Street Journal and an article posted in the Wall Street Journal snapchat is the presentation. I, personally, get bored reading most articles in a physical copy because its black and white. Nothing really attracts my eye to keep my attention, its left up the content of the article to do that. The snapchat story on the other hand, all I had to do was read the title and open the story and all the colors and graphics kept my attention. It makes news more attractive to the younger generation, it seduces our eyes and caresses our attention and we need that; there’s so much going on in the world visually. When I think of production of a newspaper, I envision a bunch people in 1950’s ‘esque’ attire running around a small office in black and white with getting newspapers physically printed. When I think about the production of snapchat stories I think of a bunch of interns sitting in a quiet modern office lounging around on their smart phones, scrolling through social media for the latest trends and curating articles on their Mac Books. Everything about the two is so different, but having the option to choose is a plus.