Cover Up , Cover Boy

Ignorance is something that will probably never die as generations continue to progress, but they do find different ways to peak their heads out. Social media has given everyone a platform to say anything they please, which brings light to the “ignoramus’s” of the world. With a computer screen or smart phone to hide behind, some of the most successful people have gotten themselves into sticky situations because of a controversial tweet or post.

This week Cover Girl’s first ‘Cover boy’ James Charles (@jamescharles) definitely glued himself to the mousetrap with what he tweeted out before boarding his flight to Africa. James tweeted “”I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today, omg what if we get Ebola” “James we’re fine we could’ve gotten it at chipotle last year”…”.

Since this statement was made, James issued an apology, which Cover Girl later acknowledged, but never noted any repercussions for. James Charles is only 17 years old, so it is expected that a person of that age caliber would be tweeting nonsense, but the tweet was still disrespectful and unintelligent and should have some sort of documented repercussion for him as a brand ambassador, and the fact that they didn’t offer that option says a lot about Cover Girl’s views — even though they stated otherwise.

This reminded me of the Justine Sacco’s tweeting incident where she was let go from her job because of a similar incident when she tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding”. She was the was the global head of communications (or the PR person) for the digital media conglomerate IAC until she was fired that day for her social media misconduct. Why she didn’t know better at 30 years old is beyond me, but I feel like her punishment was deserving for the crime, although I would never wish that something someone worked so hard for be snatched away from them, when you’re the face of an entire brand, there’s just certain things you sign up for and you make an agreement to represent that brand in everything you do. If you, like James and Justine cannot uphold your end of the bargain why should you continue to represent the brand?

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