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Attack the mind and the body will follow. That’s what Ali did best. Most fighters (then and now) were physically strong. But Ali, the pioneer of starting the fight before the fight, was a professional at mental attacks. There was no one mentally stronger than Ali. We can’t all appreciate the technical lessons that Ali left behind, but we can learn from his development of, perfection, and maintenance of a strong mind.

When Muhammad Ali died one year ago today, I cried. Tears of sadness, I thought. …

5 Ways to Prevent a Runaway Mind After Getting Bad News

Jim Jackson (CC License)

When you get bad news how long does it take for you to get past it?

A few days? Hours? Minutes?

Years ago, if I got bad news it would have a negative effect on my mood for days. It was impossible for me to see past the pain and sadness of bad news. After decades of living like this, I got tired. Every time something unexpected happened I felt like I was drowning. I had to do something different.

So, for the last few years, I searched for answers. With every extra moment I had. I read, watched interviews…

How America continues to fail black children

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains references to sexual assault.

A few weeks ago, I came across the horrific story of how a Chicago 15-year-old girl had been raped on Facebook live. Naturally I was saddened by this. I knew violent things would continue to show up on Facebook Live. That’s why I stopped watching the police shooting videos and I don’t rush to watch most people’s live-streams. There is a clear disregard for the sanctity of black life in this world. We see it when we are left dead and uncovered in the streets for hours after police shootings. We…

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“Often in life, the most important question we can ask ourselves is: do we really have the problem we think we have?” ~Sheri Fink

Years ago, I saw this quote on a Chipotle bag.Yes, really a Chipotle bag. LOL. It was so powerful, I decided to keep it. But, to be clean I made a copy of the bag before I tossed it out so I could just keep the quote. First it hung on my desk at work. When I quit my job, I moved it to hang on my fridge.

This quote literally stopped me in my tracks a week ago. I was in the pit of a major breakdown and then I saw this quote on my fridge. Thank GOD I…

I watched happiness inducing videos on YouTube last night until I could fall asleep happy. I needed to shift my energy. The day started off relatively well but then, at the end, I fell into a deep dark pit of sadness. LORD. It was bad. It snuck up on me like a Mike Tyson punch to the body. I was crying and snotting all over the place but I wasn’t going down without a fight.

The good news about internal fights though is that my mind created them and my mind can end them. I wasn’t going to let this…

How one speech exemplifies how we can use the celebration of our differences to better understand each other and ourselves.

Just as soon as I thought it would be too late to post the draft that I squeaked out the day after the 2017 Grammy Award show, I read Myles Johnson’s piece on what Beyonce did win. And then came this statement that Beyonce didn’t win because she’s not a “singer-singer.” After reading both, I knew that there are still many people in the world who just don’t get it.

So, as a nod to Adele reminding us to do things right or not doing them at all, below is a step-by-step analysis of why Adele’s reluctant win of the…

For the past two days, I haven’t been able to articulate my feelings about the Presidential Election results. I’ve tuned out the noise from the media and the inflammatory comments and posts on social media. I haven’t even spoken to my parents about it.

I can honestly say that the anger and fear some people felt made me actually laugh out loud. Literally…in the privacy of my apartment, I cackled like I was re-watching the scene in The Help when Miss Hilly eats Minny’s chocolate pie. …

I will consider standing when you will consider not killing me.

I will consider standing when you will consider seeing my humanity.

I will consider standing when you consider seeing a living black person as something other than a threat.

I will consider standing when you will consider another response other than "they should have just complied with the officer."

I will consider standing when you consider my Blackness the way you consider their Judaism or their Homosexuality.

I will consider standing when I don't have to consider whether I will make it home alive.

Officer Pre-Application Assessment

  1. If you’re racist, don’t apply to any police force (or neighborhood watch team). #TrayvonMartin
  2. If you’re afraid someone may shoot you, don’t apply. There are lots of things in addition to skittles, cellphones, and soda cans that “look like guns” so you have to be comfortable with the fact that people may want to shoot you. You will need to be so comfortable that you aren’t inclined to treat America’s streets like the OK Corral. #PhilandoCastille #SeanBell #AmadouDiallo #TamirRice (etc., unfortunately)
  3. If you’re afraid of a black person running or walking toward you or lying on the ground in front…

And Neither Do You

This morning I read this highly-recommended piece by Cameron Clarke on the Alton Sterling killing. Mr. Clarke had seen the videos that depict the manslaughter of Oscar Grant (CA) and Eric Garner (NY), and the murder of Walter Scott (SC) but he didn’t want to subject himself to unnecessary pain by watching a video like it again. Mr. Clarke also proclaimed that he was extremely tired of having to march, being afraid when interacting with the police, and the silence of many members of society. Ultimately, his piece equated watching the video to choosing justice as opposed to not watching…

Nia Jackson

Sharing how I’m building my courage muscles.

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