I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of this #snapchat thingy. Made real progress today … not!

#PureFear by Niall O’Gorman

Like my new look? It’s called #PureFear

Meet Pat Carroll, a native of Limerick, prolific connector, advocate and tireless promoter of Irish businesses both at home and abroad.

Meet Bring! the Swiss digital grocery startup. They’ve built a digital grocery list, which aims to replace pen and paper by bringing the user real value while giving brands exposure and at the same time adding fun to your shopping trips.

Meet Ed Fidgeon-Kavanagh Chief Presentationist at Clearpreso a business which helps startups craft great presentations which simply get results. Ed lives and works in Dublin, specifically Dalkey a lovely village right on the Irish coast.

The Pointy POS barcode scanning device in action

#FounderStories simply a series of conversations with founders

Image: Music Therapy by Emanuela Franchini

Not entirely sure if my blog posts are getting better or worse as I go. I’m certainly enjoy writing them and it’s sure cheaper than therapy!

1. Lego, what is it good for? absolutely everything!

#FounderStories simply a series of conversations with founders

Rory O’Connor Founder of Scurri

Niall O’Gorman

#Impulse #Ecommerce #Innovation in #Enterprise & #Startups

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