Customized Persona

Name: Tracy

Age: 30

Location: Toronto

Career: Jeweler / Waitress

Quote: ‘We are all Adam’s children, but jewelry makes the difference’

Biography: Works part time at a local restaurant, loves making and designing her own jewelry and showing it off on Instagram. Thinks this is the best platform at the moment to discover new stuff. Travels to events to sell her items while also using Etsy and Facebook to showcase her work. When clothes shopping usually intends to shop in the Eaton Centre and the Bay.

Pain Points:

  • Pricing and options of clothing available at her favorite shops.
  • Really wants to see more boutique and neighborhood clothing stores. Believes Toronto indigenous clothing shops have a poor online presence
  • Unimpressed by her favorite boutique stores website
  • Hates competing against cheap foreign jewelry and haven’t put the same effect to making the product has herself
  • Unimpressed by her favorite boutique stores website

Goals: Wants to do Jewelry full time.

Other: Really driven towards strong brands and purposeful causes.

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