Persona (Survey Results)

Persona: Tracy

Tracy wakes up on a Saturday morning and wants to go clothes shopping, she wants something different this time, she usually goes to the Eaton Centre to visits her favourite store but she would like to stay local this time. She lives at Yonge and Lawrence.

She doesn’t know where to go and it’s raining outside so she googles her area for local clothing shops to check them out before she leaves the house. She finds basic information on the the local boutique stores but wasn’t so impressive and didn’t connect with the stores as she would have wished.

Then she finds out the Dressential App and see’s interactive videos of her local stores. The videos tells Tracy all about who is behind the store, what they love selling and what they have to offer. The personality of the shop really shines through in the videos and the presenter is actually one of their customers. She also finds pictures of the the scarf collection and decided to now check the shop out.

She now knows a lot more about the local boutique shops and is looking forward to exploring on foot.

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