The initial research through categorizing, the the must-haves, nice-to-haves, definitely-not-haves of a website or application showed a great way on how to discover with the user and/or client on what is really necessary and their vision of what should be on the app.

The restaurant I picked through google search to compare our requirements was interesting. First impressions was that of a bland, tacky website that did all the basic things wrong such as having music interference, not having its own domain and free hosting advertisements. On further discovery i got a great sense of the character of the restaurant when i clicked on the photo montage of the restaurant. I noted the importance and power of the photos in bringing the website to life.

In preparing interview questions, the simplification of the wording is important. It is necessary to reflect afterwards on the questions and ask will these set of questions produce the knowledge required to create the website/app that the client actually is looking for. The importance of asking ‘why’ to answers is a good way to explore the clients deeper wants of the website/app.

I also noted that Industry and competitive research may show great examples of similar projects. It could show you a way to great something better and more dynamic than what is out there.

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