The last mile problem with respect to data and analytics

The last mile problem in data delivery
Do you feel that enterprise data is used by execs in your organisation effectively to do tasks and take decisions well?Are you sure that you dont have a last mile problem in your organisation ?
Have you ever checked the amount of time it took a person to look up for a certain information from your ERP/CRM ?

The last mile problem

The last mile problem in data or analytics originates from the fact that either getting the required data from the CRM/ERP requires complex steps or takes more time.For eg :Imagine the finance head wants to check if the invoice raised for a particular customer has been paid fully or not .The steps for getting that information would be for the finance manager to either login to his erp system figure out the screen where he could do a search or depend on his subordinate who is well versed in operating the ERP software .

What if he could just open his facebook messenger and request the same from a chat bot in plain english ? does exactly that.We solve the last mile problem w.r.t to data / analytics .We help your decision makers receive data at their finger tips on a chat based UI .We take complex enterprise data and provide it to the users in a convenient and consumable form .We work with clients in different functions be it finance, sales and marketing,operation ,supply chain and logistics.

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