Addiction, Pain and Drugged Up Happiness

I was listening to a recording from Abraham, channeled through Esther Hicks, around addiction. Abraham is an entity (don’t ask me to explain the channeling part, the important thing is that he/they/it spout wisdom worth listening to!).

I found something they said about addicts really interesting.

Addicts seek feeling good more than the average person.

They value it so much, that they give up their lives as they know it, for their “addiction”… for feeling good.

That’s a massive sacrifice!

That’s also why there is a huge proportion of successful people who are ex-addicts (or sometimes still current addicts).

They swap their addiction.

Basically, they just want to feel really GOOD and they are prepared to go to extreme lengths to feel it.

It’s an interesting phenomenon.

Look at world-class athletes too.

How much of it is living in the zone of true alignment versus unhealthy addiction… and does it matter really?

Well I believe it does.

I believe that it’s possible to “have it all” in a healthy way.

I’m not speaking from the perfect experience .. it’s what I strive for. In fact, I will probably spend my whole life enjoying the ebb and flow of that striving.

Striving for greater alignment, flow and a lit up life that impacts others in a positive way is what guides my actions every day.

Back to addicts.

Addicts want to numb the pain.

They know that on the other side of that drug, alcohol or sugar is feeling good.. or at least feeling better.

Many successful entrepreneurs swapped their drug of choice for a healthier one…. but they are still “addicted”, still escaping the pain.

Just like high-performing athletes or kids that swap the streets for the boxing ring.

We are all looking for an escape from the pain. We all use different “drugs of choice”. (The measurement of where it becomes an unhealthy addiction is if it’s interfering with your daily life and relationships in a negative way.)

And the pain is real.

There is no denying it (it’s a necessary part of human existence that helps us know what we don’t want so that we can change it).

But back to the main point of this message, which I am getting to, I promise!

How do you currently “drug up” your happiness and how do you ultimately want to drug it up?

Take a pen and paper and answer those two questions honestly.

I know how and where I want my happiness to come from ultimately — from the inside.

I do trip out when I meditate, but the reality is that I cannot spend my whole life with my eyes closed in my basement :-).

I also know that behind all my stressful beliefs, lies a peace and joy that are right there for me already.. if I decide to do what it takes to work through all the layers of fear and pain (actually it’s just fear — all pain is fear in disguise).

But I’m not sure that I would ever reach the “core”.

I’m not sure if I would ever reach that place where all the fear and pain is gone.

I have shed many layers already (what a relief!) and now I definitely use pain more as a guide.

If I feel pain, I know that I am off course.

I know that it means that I am out of alignment, that I am not accepting something (maybe a belief that someone in my life should be showing up differently than they are) that I need to let go of something or someone, that I need to get honest with myself about something.

Pain directs us.

Pain is like the GPS in your car.

If you go off course, the GPS lets you know and it “recalculates”, just like you do.

So when you are recalculating, take the time to get really clear on what is causing pain in your life now and what fears are holding you back from letting go of that pain.

Sometimes our greatest fear is just experiencing the physical sensation of pain. We fear feeling pain so much, we fear that it will be there forever. We don’t realise that nothing is permanent, that it too will pass, that on the other side of that sensation is joy (love).. the thing that we all have access to, if we choose to make it our priority. There are two basic emotions — fear and love.

The most interesting question to ask yourself though can be “on a scale of 1–10, how important is it to me to experience true joy?”

As crazy as it sounds, I reckon that if people answered that question honestly, very few would answer “10” if they really thought about it and got honest about it. Pain comes with resisting our reality, with arguing with our reality continuously. So then the only logical solution is… “enjoy your pain” because you choose it. Embrace it, bathe in it. Relish in your resistance and in your “being right-ness”.

You know that you can always numb the pain out with a glass of wine or chocolate cake until maybe you decide one day (or re-decide) that you have had enough :-).

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