Four tweets which tried to #savethe8th

The Catholic Church’s Citizen’s Assembly Submission

In their submission, they claim that:

“There is no such thing as a human life without value.

and that

The deletion or amendment of Article 40.3.3, would serve no purpose other than to withdraw the right to life from some categories of unborn children.

Which begs the question, how much do we really value pregnant women’s lives if we force them to have unwanted children, or dangerous self-administered abortions?

The Youth Defence League’s Creepy Christmas Video

A small child lisps their way through Twinkle, Twinkle little star while we zoom in on a fetus in the womb.

Cut to Bethlehem- a reminder that we’ve been forcing teenage girls to carry on with unwanted pregnancies since Biblical times.

This CitizenGo petition to ‘keep the status quo as is’

In which the authors’ draft pro-life submission claims that the real coercion is women choosing to abort their baby if they aren’t financially able to care for it.

In the US, one study (for the Medical Science Monitor) showed that 64% of abortions involved some form of coercion. Coercion, here, can be defined as the feared loss of a job, home, family…

This exposé of Repeal-Big Dairy conspiracy

and finally, the Twitter account ‘We Need a Global 8th’ dealt a devastating blow to the #Repeal camp, with the explosive revelation that they’d stolen their logo from a popular Irish dairy brand.