OpenBSD in Amsterdam

Do you know at this some hosting company giving you the possibility to have your own OpenBSD virtual machine running on bare-metal OpenBSD server? Currently, I don’t know a lot of company doing this… Only one small project from OpenBSD.Amsterdam for 60€/year! So why should you buy this kind of service?

  1. It runs OpenBSD as main OS.
  2. It will help to debug OpenBSD hypervisor (vmm).
  3. It gives 10€ to OpenBSD project (and all related ones, like OpenSSH, LibreSSL and many more)
  4. You have one IPv4 and one IPv6/64.
  5. A good occasion to try a stable and secure operating system developed by one of the most amazing IT community!

I have it… What can I do now?!

First, you can read the post-installation manual, and configure correctly your new virtual machine. You need some ideas?! Without third-party software you can…

You can also say thanks to Mischa for this really nice project!

Thank you Mischa!

Thanks to Roman too about my mistake…