The Serendipity and Hipocriscy of Creating the First #FanVee

Some time this afternoon my phone vibrated. Oddly it was a notification from Twitter, which I had not really looked at since 2013, but what I saw immediately brought my attention back. A video I had previously edited had been featured on Gary Vaynerchuk’s rubric #FanVee, where followers can submit could submit some sort of video. Here is the story behind it:

I Was Never Making a #FanVee Video

This is where it gets funny. Gary announced #FanVee yesterday, just shortly before midnight, Central European Time. The video you have been seeing literally got done last year, two days short of new years eve. In fact, when my phone started ringing from all the Twitter notifications, I was already in the middle of editing a second video for Gary.

So, why?

Here’s why: some time around spring last year, I decided that storytelling was what I loved to do, no matter in which medium or where. Stories about things I and other people care about. But as I started auditing myself on how I was gonna navigate myself into a place where I could do this, I realized this:

“I want to tell stories” is such a macro level statement. In some way it lacks practiality. I have just above zero knowledge about what my “buying the Jets” is. I don’t think I’m after either an Oscar or Shorty Award, I think.

So I reverse engineered what I did know:

  1. Obviously, I had to get to the a place where I could both take time to figure this stuff out for 12 months and do my own projects on the side.
  2. It was either gonna be LA or NYC. Eversince I came returned from America 2 years ago, I knew that I was gonna be back. It’s probably a 50% romantic and 50% practical wish.
This photo was taken in August 2014. It’s quite literally the moment I saw NYC for the first time.

Getting on Gary’s team, suddenly, was a very logical conclusion. In fact, there is currently no alternative I can think of, which is why I’m 200% determined to somehow get in. Obviously a good report card isn’t gonna get me in (which would suck anyways since I would have near to no chance). I did know doing some spec work would be the best way to get myself into the conversation.

So, I made and sent DRock the video, yesterday he asked me whether or not I could shorten it to one minute and you know what happened after that.

Long story short, I was trying to get my foot in the door for a job on the team.

Serendipity meant well with me.

WHY this? The Hipocriscy in editing the video.

There’s probably tenths topics you could make a Gary Vaynerchuk video about. The essence of the video I edited is pretty simple. If you want something, you gotta go take it or as Gary said “show the fuck up”. And the reason I did choose the above is that I feel like I was, in some way, adressing myself.

A couple of weeks into the school year, I decided that I wanted to really seize the merits of going to school (and being inherently bad at it) by making some sort of video every other week. I stopped after two of them. Don’t get me wrong, I 100% know why I stopped. I guess the best way to say it in a comprehensive way is that I was gonna do Creating>Documenting, I always asked “What’s a great story to tell” instead of living it and asking “How can I tell this story?”.

Storytelling is like a puzzle, in order to solve it, you have to look at every single piece, figure out where it belongs, but always keep the big picture in mind.

I was solving a, mechanically great, but, blank puzzle. It actually took me until a couple of weeks ago to really figure that out. My harddrive continued to fill up, my social media didn’t.

So here I was, editing a video about showing the fuck up when I hadn’t really really shown up for quite some time. Of course I continued to do stuff, which I still loved but again, a harddrive is not the right place to tell stories.

Anyways, I did learn my lesson on telling stories that are true to oneself. And I think what’s happening right now might turn into one of them.

Well, that’s it. If you’re interested in follwing how this plays out, I’m sure Instagram is the best place to stay tuned. Also this or that in the future.