How Professionally Curating Social Made Me Squirrel Retweets Away From My Friends

It’s A Social Jungle Out There.

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Social Stockpiling: Fact Or Fiction?

My position as a communications coordinator is centered around the manipulation of image for the benefit of the brand I’m trying to sell/advertise/etc. The concept sounds shitty but it’s true. I enter an ultra-focused mindset with a single mission in mind: hog the attention.

Throughout the course of a day, I’m not one to use social media for fun. I spend countless hours tweaking hashtags, withholding likes, and timing retweets just right so that I can gain that one follower for the day. Seeing [insert name] followed you makes all of my efforts feel worth it. That phrase is literally my gold star. Social has become an über competitive game, if not a science.

Logging Out & Coming Up For Air

When it’s time to end my workday, I immediately check the personal social media channels I’ve resisted for hours. Once I reconnect with news, celebrity drama, and everything else under the sun I catch myself checking the numbers. Retweets, likes, and views on snapchat each leave my stomach in knots. Like hitting your favorite drug, it’s either a good trip or complete disappointment.

I was analytical before, but the habits I’ve developed at work have taken me to new heights. I resort to passive-aggressive fit throwing. For example: [insert name] didn’t retweet me the other day so im gonna ignore that great thing they just posted.

Yeah, I go there.

Tech-Indulged Millennial: Emotional By Nature

On a personal level, when you become emotionally involved with social media, aggressive behaviors become inevitable.

I’m a professional, so what’s my excuse? Well, as a freelance artist there’s a highly competitive community who’s vying for the same space that I choose to express myself within. Millennials are constantly posting their latest sketches or selling originals through indie outlets like BigCartel. When there are literally thousands of other artists out there hoping to catch the spotlight, exposure is everything.

In all, being a social media coordinator has taught me that every interaction counts. Im curating a brand by day and a personality by night. In both cases, my goal is to sell a product that is growing in following, setting aside my fears of the competition and diving head first into the dog-eat-dog world of social exposure.