Digitization and The Loss of Iconography
Sue Walsh

Yes, there is a convergence in the physical nature of the work being done by Historians, Bankers, Statisticians, and Architects, i.e. they are all sitting down on a desk with a computer to do their work. However, the tools being used are still wildly different. Perhaps, rather than the physical tools, people will start to associate and differentiate between these professions through the digital tools and the distinctive characteristic of the software that they use. For instance, designers will be associated with the visual elements of Adobe software (e.g. the Ps icon) while Bankers will be associated with something resembling a spreadsheet. People will still find a way to associate some concept with a visual representation. It is the nature of the human mind to do so. It will just be different from the physical objects that we have come to associate with many things.

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