Filling an industry wide skills gap

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case that is certainly true.

Last night NIBC Corcra attended an event with the Road Haulage Association with around 20 other individuals from the Leeds area, 80% of whom are females working in the haulage industry.

The topic- how to fill the widening skills gap across the industry.

Now we weren't just talking drivers. The industry as a whole needs to attract technicians, customer service operators, accountants, HR professional, and planners as well as sales and marketing professionals to ensure the future stability of an industry that is the backbone of our country.

As the title of the initiative suggests the RHA are challenging stereotypes and aiming to attract an increasing number of women into what is a very rewarding industry.


Well, by holding events like we attended last night. Informing anyone that is willing to listen what opportunities are available in the industry and as Lesley O'Brien (She’s RHA founding member) describes it, ‘what welcome awaits’ anyone new entering the haulage industry for the first time. If the 20 individuals that attended this event bring 5 contacts to the next event and so on and so on we can create a ripple effect.

Its a buzz term thrown around a lot these days-but early intervention is key. The RHA want young women coming out of school, college and university to know that ours in an industry with countless opportunities, whether you want a steady job for life or you want to work your way up the career ladder and to lead your own company one day!

But, the plan isn't to take over the industry and eliminate the men that have worked for decades building it up. There is an intrinsic lack of young talent being attracted to this vital industry — both male and female and this needs to be addressed.

Looking ahead at how we can attract the necessary 1.2 million people to the haulage industry by 2020 presence at graduate recruitment fairs, availability of apprenticeships and an openness to positively promote the industry at every opportunity are a must, and only the beginning.

To find out more about the initiative visit the Road Haulage Association website or call 01733 261131.

NIBC will be championing the initiative in Northern Ireland, promoting the initiative, speaking to schools and working along side our customers in the haulage industry exploring how we can work together and play our part in meeting the 1.2 million target by 2020!

Contact the marketing team at NIBC Corcra on 02894 485422 or email to find out more or to share any ideas you might have to help the initiative.